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Quality Policy
The quality objectives of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO S.A. are as follows:
  • safe underground storage of crude oil and fuels,
  • production of salt brine, as a part of the storage process, and its continuous supply to our Customers,
  • packaging and sale of salt and salt products in compliance with the requirements of Customers and current regulations of law
The Company pursues the above goals through:
  • systematic improvement of the knowledge of processes,
  • meeting demands and continuous improvement of the efficiency of quality management systems,
  • constant collaboration with Customers in order to identify and satisfy their needs, requirements and expectations,
  • raising awareness of Customer requirements among our staff,
  • individual responsibility of employees for the quality of their work,
  • selection of only such suppliers that satisfy the Company’s quality requirements,
  • continuous improvement of the organisation of work,
  • participation of all employees in the improvement of quality systems,
  • improvement of technical processes.

The person in charge of implementation of this Quality Policy is the President of the Board and CEO of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO S.A.
Inowrocław, 3 February 2009

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