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Feed stores, agriculture and forestry
Animal feed salt is used for the production of animal feed and fodder mixes. The mineral ingredients and plant ingredients together form an easily absorbable and highly mineralised feedstuff. Animal feed salt is an essential nutritional supplement of a healthy diet of farm animals, but it is also used in additional feeding of forest animals. The salt has a positive influence on the absorption of potassium, magnesium and calcium by the animals. 
Inowroclawskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO SA is a producer of animal feed salt.
Our plant is registered by county veterinary officer located in Inowroclaw under number PL0407082p to manufacture and enter the market with animal feed material
(sodium chloride). Animal feed salt produced by us is a animal feed material as stipulated in Regulation of European Parliament and Europe Council  No. 767/2009 dated 13.07.2009, which is manufactured under supervision of Veterinary Inspection.
The salt is sold in packaging labeled according to Regulation of European Parliament and Europe Council  No. 767/2009 dated 13.07.2009
Animal feed salt offered by SOLINO is produced based on high purity sodium chloride – food grade vacuum evaporated salt. Its origin from underground deposit guarantees chemical cleanliness. Animal feed salt is produced from brine that has been formed for thousands of years being isolated from influence of external environment. Therefore It does not contain minerals insoluble in water that may contaminate the salt. Its fine structure allows to mix well fodder. Animal feed salt is easy in application and even with its low content in fodder it’s easy to maintain high fodder uniformity, which allows to avoid hazard caused by fodders with unstable composition.  

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